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ICONES (Banda Aceh, 09 – 11 September 2014)

Friday, 21 Mar 2014

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Syiah Kuala University is the largest and the oldest national university in Aceh Province, Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Unsyiah was established on June 21st, 1961


Call for Papers

Theme of 2nd ICONES

“Managing Disaster and Environmental Issues with Sciences and Technologies towards Sustainable Development.”

The main objective of this conference is to provide a forum for researchers, government officers, educators, students and industries. This forum is as a platform for exchanging ideas, communication and discussion of research findings and new advancement in science from multi-disciplines fields. It further bridges possible avenues to foster academic as well as scientific activities at the international level.

The conference will include plenary addresses, oral and poster parallel sessions, with the following topics:
1.    Natural Science
2.    Environmental Science
3.    Global Warming
4.    Disaster Mitigation
5.    Climatology
6.    Disaster Modelling
7.    Epidemiology and Diseases
8.    Forestry and Illegal Logging
9.    Green House Emission
10.    Marine Sciences and Illegal Fishing
11.    Air, Water and Land Pollutions
12.    Biodiversity and Biotechnology
13.    Remote Sensing
14.    Sustainable and Renewable Energy
15.    Bio-remediation
16.    Bio-informatics
17.    Material and catalyst
18.    Computer Science


Important Date 

  • May 12nd, 2014, Deadline for Abstract Submission
  • June 9th, 2014, Notification of Acceptance
  • August 8th, 2014, Full Paper Submission
  • September 9th to 11th, 2014, Conference


Keynote and Invited

Menteri Negara Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia *)Prof.Dr.Balthasar Kambuaya, M.B.A

Prof. Dr. AkhmalokaInstitut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Prof.Dr. Michael WeberHelmholtz Center Postdam, Germany

Prof. Shunichi KoshimuraTohoku University, Japan

Prof. Minoru TakahashiTokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Dr. Hadi NurUTM, Malaysia

Prof. Mohd. Zubir Mat JafriUSM, Malaysia



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If you have some problems or need information please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail   icones@fmipa.unsyiah.ac.id



Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng., Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Darusman, M.Sc., Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasanuddin, M.S., Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Syamsul Rizal., Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Prof. Minoru Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology – Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur, UTM – Malaysia
  • Prof Dr Abu Bakar M Sc Bapedda Aceh- Indonesia
  • Dr. Hizir, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dr. Ir. Marlina, M.Si, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Taufiq Iskandar, M.Si, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dalil Sutekad, M.Si, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dr. Muhammad Syukri, MT, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Rinaldi Idroes, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dr. Nazli Ismail, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dr. Suwarno, M.Si, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin, M.Sc, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia
  • Asep Rusyana, M. Si, Syiah Kuala University – Indonesia

Conference Chair
Dr. Nizamuddin, M.Info. Sc.

Vice Chair
Dr. Faisal, S.Si, M.Sc

Dr.Eng Elin Yusibani, S.Si, M.Eng
Rizna Rahmi, S.Si, M.Sc

Dr. Febriani, S.Si, M.Si

Dr. Rosnizar, M.Sc
Dr. Surya Lubis M.Si
Darmawan, ST, MM

Dr.rer.nat. Ilham Maulana, S.Si
Dr. Rini Safitri
Dr. Essy Harnelly, M.Si
Dr. Rahmi, S.Si, M.Si

Dr. Zulkarnain Jalil, S.Si, M.Si
Razief Perucha Fauzie Afidh, S.Si, M.Sc
Novi Reandy Sasmita, S.Si

Proceeding Editors
Dr. Syaukani, S.Si., M.Sc
Dr. M. Syukri Surbakti, S.Si, M.Si
Dr. Nasrullah Idris
Dr. Muhammad Subianto, M.Si
Dr. Muhammad Bahi, S.Si, M.Sc

Muzaillin, S.Si, M.Sc
Marzuki, S.Si, M.Si

Meal and Snacks
Dra. Murniana M.Si


Hotel and Visa

Hotel :

  1. Hermes Palace Hotel (★★★★) Phone: +62-651-755 5888 EXT.126/128
  2. Hotel Sulthan (★★). Phone: +62-651-22469
  3. Grand Nanggroe Hotel (★★★). Phone: +62-651-35788, +62-651- 35779 | Fax (62-651) 35778
  4. Oasis Atjeh Hotel (★★★). Phone: +62-651-636999 | Fax (62-651) 635333
  5. Hotel Kuala Radja. Phone: +62-651-29687 | Fax: (62 651) – 536033
  6. Hotel Madina. Phone: +62-651-21415, 21416
  7. Hotel Lading. Phone: +62-651-635123


Visa :

Visit the following website to know more about consular and visa service : Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Sumber : http://www.icones.org